International conference MEDICINE, BIOLOGY and NATURAL SCIENCES, 23th of May, 2018

23th of May, 2018, the Russian Scientific and Publishing Centre Aktualnost.RF, Ltd, Lomonosov Moscow State University and Penza State University will conduct:

I International Scientific and Practical Conference


A collection of articles of the conference’s participants will be issued

The materials for publication will be accepted till the 23th of May, 2018. The conference will be conducted in absentia.

The collections will be issued immediately after the event and will be reviewed and indexed in the eLIBRARY – a Russian national base of scientific publications highly appreciated in the field of evaluation of scientific activities. Publication in such collections has become accessible for scientists from all countries, which is an excellent way not only to familiarize the world community with your scientific research results, but to be published in a prestigious title.

Besides, the authors will obtain a printed certificate of participation in the international conference.   

The main scientific fields of the conference:

SECTION 01. Agricultural Sciences.

SECTION 02. Veterinary Sciences.

SECTION 03. Biological Sciences.

SECTION 04. Medical Sciences.

SECTION 05. Pharmaceutical Sciences.

SECTION 06. Chemical Sciences.

SECTION 07. Engineering Sciences.

SECTION 08. Physical and Mathematical Sciences.

SECTION 09. Geographical Sciences.

SECTION 10. Geological and Mineralogical Sciences.

SECTION 11. Astronomy.

The registration fee is EUR 15 per sheet. The minimum length of an article is 3 sheets.

The full-color certificate of participation in the conference will be sent free of charge.

The registration fee does not include the price of the printed collection of articles. The collection can be ordered, the price of the collection, including the postal delivery, is EUR 20.

The payment details to pay the registration fee will be sent to the authors after consideration of their articles. Payment can be made in any convenient way (bank transfer, plastic card, cash transfer, e-payment systems etc.).

The registration fee will be accepted till the 24th of May, inclusive!

Requirements to formatting:

  1. 14 point size, Times New Roman font; 1.5 interval; 2 cm left and right margins, 2 cm top and bottom margins; 1.25 cm indention TO BE SET UP BY THE RULER (View – Ruler).
  2. Tables and pictures must be entitled. Pictures’ titles and numbers must be specified under the pictures, tables’ titles and numbers must be specified above the tables. Tables, schemes, pictures, formulas, diagrams must not go out beyond the margins (the font in tables and pictures must be at least 11 pt).
  3. The list of references is mandatory and must be in the end of the text drawn up in conformity with standard requirements.
  4. Only endnotes are acceptable, in square brackets, with the indication of the source number corresponding to the list of references in the end of the article (for example: [2]);
  5. DO NOT USE automatic footnoting in the list of references;
  6. Do not use hyphens.
  7. In electronic form, each article must be in a separate file.
  8. The information about the author and the article must precede the text: surname, name, patronymic, name of employer (educational institution), city, country (see the example below).
  9. If an article is written in a language other than English, the title, annotation and key words must be in English.



Solovev V.B., Gengin M.T.

Penza State University, Penza, Russia


The activities of peptidyl-dipeptidase A and carboxypeptidase N taking part in peptides’ metabolism in the serum of patients with Alzheimer’s disease were studied. The role of these enzymes in the metabolism of neuropeptides and β-amyloid at the Alzheimer’s disease was discussed.

Key words: peptidyl-dipeptidase A, carboxypeptidase N, Alzheimer’s disease, neuropeptides, β-amyloid.

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Participation Form (it can be filled in on the website while on-line submitting the article)

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